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Monday, May 16, 2011

Twas the night before surgery...

The babies are all over 2 pounds, so its safe for them to get spayed and neutered so they can go to new homes. They can't eat the night before so I had to separate momma by trapping her in the crate. I used a string attached to the crate door and ran it out of the room, under the door, and far enough in the hallway so I could watch from the old school security camera I have set up to watch them without having to be online, hogging bandwidth. When she took the bait I pulled the string which shut the door. She'll be fine in there for tonight. She'll get her surgery later in the week then she'll get let go. I know she loves her kittens but does NOT like being held captive. Not the kind of cat that could be rehabilitated. She's a wild animal that will go back to the wild and do her job of keeping the rodent populations in Florida at bay.

Did you know that feral cats are a fantastic defense against rodents? As my friend, the owner of a prominent extermination company in West Palm Beach has told me, if you don't allow the feral cats to live in your neighborhood or around your restaurant, home, or shopping center, then you will undoubtedly have to pay someone like him big bucks to keep the rodent population under control. People have no idea how bad the rat and mouse populations are in this country, especially places with feral cat colonies, as the cats are out doing humans a valuable public service and keeping us from having to see how many creepy crawlies there are out there.

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