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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Litter from the Palm Beach School For Autism

3 of 4 still available for adoption through A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue. (note they are not on the site yet as available as they have not had their surgeries). Should be available May 14-15, but reserve them now by filling out an application online)

Donations needed for the mother!

Network for Good

The mother is feral (very, very feral and not in the LEAST bit friendly) but she managed to have 4 amazing, cuddly, friendly, outgoing, and really beautiful kittens. As long as she continues lactating we may try and introduce some orphans to her to see if she accepts them, but if not then she will be spayed and released back to where she was familiar and comfortable. Donations to go towards the cost of her spaying can be made through Network for Good. Please mention "Momma Cat from Kitten Cam" in your designation description. The goal is to raise at least $75. Based on the frequency she is peeing I think she may have a UTI, so we may need more to treat her before let her go. We want to minimize her stress so we will vet her and take care of her issues all at the same time.
As a sponsor, we will send you photos and updates of the babies and how they are doing as we get them! Thanks for watching, sharing, following, donating, and getting the word out. The more viewers we get, the better chance we have of finding them a home asap!

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