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Monday, May 23, 2011

Adoption weekend success

Thanks to the kitten cam, the litter of cuties from the Palm Beach School for Autism all found loving homes without having to spend any time at the cattery or in cages. So happy about that! Nelly and Nike went to a home together, and Natalie and Neila each went to separate homes. Momma kitty will get her surgery soon. I had hoped the new kittens would have taken a liking to her and partaken of a little of her momma milk (nothing compares to momma's milk for nutrition and immune system boosts) but the new ones don't want much to do with her. They prefer the dogs. Oh well. I want to give momma a few days to get over her grief about losing her kittens before subjecting her to the trauma of going to the vet for surgery. Its not a fun outing for a friendly cat, but for a feral one who will fight it every step of the way, its downright traumatic.

A sneak preview of what is to come: By the end of the week another momma who has adopted kittens from 4 different litters may be arriving at the kitten studio. As long as we can get the adoptions done at as fast a pace as we did with the first 4 kittens, then we can really do a lot of good for a lot of kittens and cats. Kitten mania!

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