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Monday, December 31, 2012

Skittles and her Newborn Kittens

Kitten season just won't let up since there is no discernible winter in sight. Our latest rescued family got a ride with a volunteer who also picked up a mommy dog and some puppies.  Thanks to our foster volunteers, so we were able to act and rescue these kitties.  

Here is what was written in the rescue plea that prompted us to act and save the new family.

"Skittles's became a mommy last night (Saturday, 12/29/12). She arrived at The Fort Lauderdale Animal Care & Adoption Center a few days ago. She had a big belly when she arrived and just last night she showed us her three kids. She has an orange tiger, a tortie, and a calico. Skittles is the nicest, sweetest cat ever. She purrs nonstop and is always wanting to be pet. She was so happy to have her photo taken she began kneading in the air. " 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hugo. Adopted

Hugo (aka Miss Hugo, Hu-GO Girl, Huguette, etc) has been adopted! Our beauty with one eye went to a lovely family today.  What a splendid Christmas present indeed!!  Her new name is Wink.  Cute name for a cute kitty :)
Congrats Miss Hugo!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Orphan Kittens Think Dog is Mom

Looking through my old videos of Stella.  This is Suzie Q's litter. Little Sam with the black mask really loved his doggie momma and it was a while before he gave up trying to nurse on her arm pit.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chug and the Kittens

Last night the Dragon Pug made his last visit to the castle.  The kittens are too feisty for him now, and snug stuck a claw in his behind which soured the mood.  However, once Chug shook off the costume, he made himself at home in the tent and laid claim to the kittens toys.

After being slayed, Chug retreated to the couch to hang with kittens he trusts more than curious kittens.  Here he is snuggling on the electric blanket with Sophie, who has been sick and enjoys having a cuddle buddy.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chance and Teddy Update!!

Update from Roar!
Life is fairly quiet at my house now that there are only two cats. Teddy is teaching Chancey how to meow for attention while Chancey is keeping Teddy active. We are hoping Teddy teaches him how to fetch! Chancey has taken to Mr.Roar and frequently picks to sit on his lap and play with him rather than cuddle with me. Teddy seems quite content with lounging on the couch and treehouse. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chug the Dragon Pug

The castle was stormed by a lovable Bugg (Boston Terrier/Pug mix) today.  The kitties had fun riding on him and slaying the dragon.  For every $500 raised..through subscriptions or donations... the Dragon Pug will make a visit.  Here are a few screenshots from viewers.

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 10.08.03 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 10.08.30 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 10.25.23 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 10.25.27 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 10.27.45 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 10.28.17 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 10.28.19 AM

Friday, December 14, 2012

Rescue Relay Mission

On my way home with house guests for the night.  A rescue volunteer in Miami pulled 6 kitties from the shelter, handed off to another rescuer who drove them from Miami office in Fort Lauderdale, then I took two to a foster who met me in Boynton Beach who will get them up to Palm Beach Gardens tomorrow.....while I took four home for the night.  The four, two orange tabbies, one calico and one dilute calico, are so incredibly cute and get picked up in the morning and taken to Wellington PETCO. 

Took 6 people to rescue these 6 kittens. Go Team Cat!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Lil' Romeo has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Around 2 AM this morning, after hours and hours of care, medicines, and everything else that could possibly be done for the little boy kitten named Romeo, our baby passed away in my arms.  Though we will never know for sure what caused our little boy to stop eating 5 days ago, there is strong evidence that he had a birth defect.  
Romeo had a happy kittenhood, a warm place to cuddle with his fuzzy brothers, and a wonderful kitty mother in Lumi. He will be missed.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bath Day

All the kittens and momma Lumi got baths today.  Here is cute little Hamlet (Hammy) getting dried after his bath.  His silvery white hair is so pretty!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Namez...we haz dem

Mom's name is now Lumi (Finnish for snow). 
For the babies the Shakespeare theme won the vote.
Romeo (tuxedo), 
Snug (little white one who may or may not be a girl), 
Hamlet/Hammy (bigger fluffy white one),
Mercutio/Merc (white with mohawk), 
Samson (bigger black one)
and Othello (smaller black one).

Colored collars coming soon courtesy of Tabaka!

Thanks to all who participated and for the fact that everyone was courteous and polite.  Second place were winter themed names, which we will try and use with other kittens. 

P.S. We didn't name the Ladybug Pillow Pet. How about Lady Macbug? Discuss amongst yourselves. ;)

Sunday, December 2, 2012


At 8 PM Eastern we will have a naming meeting.  Due to the limitations of the the You Tube message board, we will use the Ustream chat.  It is embedded on the Live Kitten Cam page on the A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue website.  We will also include the You Tube chatters in the discussion, though the primary forum will be the flash chat.

More name suggestions can be posted here. Think of a theme that can apply to all the kittens, and extra points if they all start with the same letter!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Mom really knows how to look cute for the camera, in addition to being stunningly beautiful.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Iz Trooper

Trooper and his twin brother, Braveheart, are two kitties in need of a furrever home but have made themselves comfortable with dog foster extraordinaire, Lisa.

Princess Rue Snuggles With Her Mommy

Rue, one of the stars of the  Delray Kitten Cam and reigning queen of adorableness, was an orphan and had several mothers, feline (Jessica, Rainbow), human (me), and canine (Stella).  Here she cuddles with her sick doggie momma, Stella.  I'm sure its making Stella feel a little better.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitten Cam - Holiday Edition - on The Pet Collective

Its here! The new kittens and their sweet mother. The mom was rescued from Miami-Dade Animal Control where she and her babies were brought in as strays.  The babies were born approximately November 12, 2012 and there are 2 black, one tuxedo, and three fluffy white kittens with black smudges on their heads.  A few goopy eyes in the mix, but hopefully these guys were old enough that their eyes developed better than Zelda and Hugo so they will recover quickly.

The kitten cam moved for this litter to YouTube Live, under The Pet Collective. The Pet Collective is owned by the same company that puts on American Idol, X Factor, and other shows, so our cam sort of hit the big time!  You can view all the cams on their pages by going to or access our Kitten Cam directly through  Using that link is the best way to get there because it will determine which version of the player to show you, in case you are in an Apple device. We apologize for the inconvenience of switching sites, but A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue will get $.25 for every subscriber and will get a big publicity push, so it is worth it to the rescue.

We love our viewers and have become quite a family over at Ustream, so to keep our family going we embedded the old ustream chat on a page on the rescue's website.  The easy link is or you can go to and click on the Live Kitten Cam link on the left navigation menu.  You Tube does not allow the comments to be embedded off the page like Ustream does, so I could not add that to our one page for viewing of both forums.  Hopefully someday YouTube will improve its social stream comments widget.

Mom originally came with the name Powder, though we can change it.  So far it looks like the kittens are all boys, a statistical rarity, but I checked them twice and there really weren't many that looked like they could go either way which is what often happens with babies.  They all looked to me like they were well endowed and were going to become real Tom Cats, if you know what I mean.

We will hold a naming ceremony next week, after we have seen a little more of their personalities.  Current plan is for Tuesday night, unless there is some big event going on.  We want to go with a theme.  Some example themes that have been well received include: Cat-ablanca (Rick, Sam, Lazlo, Morocco, Cassie Blanca, etc), Reindeer names, Shakespeare characters, and Mad Men, to name a few.  Use the comments here (you can post as anonymous or enter your own name) to make suggestions and as a group we will name them.  Remember that the names will have to be hand written and typed by volunteers, and typed a million times in the chat, so try and keep them short.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New family on its way

Even with all the drama with Stella, who is resting quietly at home with a 6 pound tumor in her belly, I know the thing Stella will want to see is kittens. Its as if she said "in lieu of flowers, please send kittens". 

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An Orphan Kitten’s Best Friend

Stella, the ultimate momma dog, is undergoing lots of tests today at the vet.  Here is a pic of her on the way to get an ultrasound. She is so happy to go for car rides, hard to believe a dog that happy is so sick. 
Momma Stella

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fwd: New Kitten Cam Almost Here

The new mom and her 6 babies have been saved from Miami Dade Animal Services. The mom is white and babies are 3 black and 3 white or mostly white. Thanks to Forestcat4 for help finding them, and foster Lynn and Megan from the Cat Coalition for helping with the rescue. I (KR) will head down to Miami to pick them up tonight for unveiling tomorrow, Monday, November 26.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Momma Cat With Very Unique Kittens

We had 12 (yes 12!!!) adoptions this last weekend, including 4 kitten cam stars, current and past.  The Pirate Princess, Zelda, went to a home that seems purrrfect for her outgoing personality, and Delray Cam stars Marlin, Gill and Coconut (Rainbow's baby) all found new happy homes this weekend, too!  Go to to leave a message on Zelda, Gill and Marlin's adoption photos to wish the families well (and remind them that we want updates :)

Here is a peek at the beautiful kittens we are rescuing next.  Still working on logistics for the next kitten cam location, but we promise we will figure something out soon.

UPDATE! Late breaking news!!  Another rescue got these kittens first.  We'll get the next litter of adorables for the cam.  But I'll still share these cuties here and will find out more about them when they are ready for adoption.

From Marcy from Animal Control:
"Mom and her six kids are just ADORABLE!!! Mom is a very pretty two year old white/black domestic short hair. She has six gorgeous newborn kittens. The kittens have a gorgeous smoke gray coloring. Their mom takes really great care of them. Mom is also super friendly. She loves loves to curl up in your lap and just purr the day away. "                                              

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rainbow Update...

Rainbow update...

The update is simple, Rainbow is a joy!! I never see one of them without the other being right behind. Rainbow loves giving her sister a bath. I have attached a few pictures of them. I was happy to see Daisy was adopted. Thanks again for helping me find the purrfect pet and companion for me and my other calico.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rainbow (Reny) Update

from KittenRescues
Update from the new daddy of Rainbow (Reny). He originally took Daisy, but Daisy was too energetic for his three legged kitty, Saffy, but HearMeRoarKittens and I both knew Rainbow (Reny) was a better match and urged him to give her a try. This is the email he sent yesterday.

"This was so good I wanted to share it. After Reny's clean bill of health at Dr. Lund's today. I came home, and for the past days since I brought Reny home they have been playing paws under the door, and peek a boo. I walked by the bedroom door at 4:30 and Reny had her paw under the door, my tripod calico was laying in front of the door. So I opened the door all the way, they sat there staring at each other. I walked in the room and my tripod cat followed me in. They were face to face. They got closer to each other bumped their noses together, and at the same time in unison they both fell on their side and just stared at each other. That was their socializing ritual. They never hissed, growled, nothing but a nose bump! An hour later they were both laying next to each other on my bed napping away. At 8:00 I said are my girls hungry? They came around the kitchen corner together and sat next to each other eating their wet food. After eating one went to the litter box and after doing her business the other one sat and waited for me to scoop it out, and then got in the box and did her business. Now they are playing swat the fish back and forth across the living room floor while I type this. Mission a success. Normalcy, and sanity has returned to my home. I could not be happier."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady Amazon Gift Pack

In the box from leftto right: Gurgle, JJ, Gill. Right of box: Marlin, Rue

All available for adoption this weekend! 

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Wayward Calico or Adorable Calico?

Who would have expected Daisy, our spunky little calico, to adapt so well and so fast to dogs?

Daisy and Fidget - Unexpected cuddle buddies
"Iz electionz over yetz? We sleepy"
Fidget (bottom left) likes the strange puppy

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lisa's Finishing School for Wayward Calicos

Update on Daisy!
As many may know, Daisy was too much spunk for her adopter so he traded for Rainbow, who is lovely and calm.  To get Daisy exposed to many different animals and learn some house manners, she was sent with Lisa along with a sweet kitty named Maddy (who needed no training). 

On Monday morning Lisa told us:  "Both kitties are doing fine. Not liking each other too much yet, but they are now both voluntarily free roaming my house with all the dogs. Daisy walks around growling and hissing at everyone but when I went into my room earlier, there were four dogs in there with me and she came right in too. I will not leave them free when I am not home but they seem to be making themselves right at home. I set the kitty tent up on the dining room table. This way they are around the dogs but above them to feel safer. However, neither of them appear too inclined to stay in the tent. "

Scarlett’s Buddies

Sweet Scarlett is hanging out at Petco with her sweet buddies, brothers Braveheart an Trooper.

 Yesterday Daisy's dad did a swap for Rainbow, which all parties believe will be a better match for his disabled cat, Saffy.  Daisy is a ball of energy and needs a family with children and another kitten to handle her energetic personality. 

Our dear sweet Rufus was adopted by a lucky couple.  Go to the facebook picture and wish the new family well.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Pretty Miss Hugo Doing Great

Miss Hugo is doing great!  She rolled over on her back when she saw me.  She ate and drank and seems as happy as ever! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Zelda Watching the Kitten Cam

Rose and Zelda joined the chat last night around 10:00 PM. Zelda watched her buddies play.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rose's Other Kittens

Rose's adorable fosters.  Zelda has competition for cutest kitten in the house!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zelda...pure cuteness

Zelda's foster family adores her.  Her stitches were taken out yesterday, and now she is even cuter

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On the way to the vet

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At the Vet

The kittens arrived at Riverbridge Animal Hospital for their snips.  Good luck babies! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zelda 11 Days After Surgery

Zelda is still sweet as pie and so very pretty. The Pirate Queen is almost ready for a furever home.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The New "Big Kitten" Set

Rufus busted the whole gang out this morning by wiggling the zipper open and freeing his comrades.  The tent  came down, mess was made, but luckily it was a Saturday, when HearMeRoarKittens (Roar) was already planning on redoing the room.  I (KittenRescues) went to Big Lots! to help fill out the new setup and came home with lots of fun things for the kittens.  Rewarding bad behavior with new toys isn't usually advised, but they are so cute I just couldn't help it!  Kudos to Roar for all the hard work in cleaning up the mess and rearranging the room to suit the new Free-range kitten set.

Here is the video of Rufus bustin' out of his tent prison with his gang of hooligans:

Video streaming by Ustream

Friday, October 19, 2012

Forestcat4's Welcome Home

An update from one of our star viewers and moderators, Forestcat4, who just got out of the hospital after back surgery. 

"Hi. I got home early this morning, and was immediately greeted by Woolly Bear who's making sure I can't possibly get up and leave again. You can post this is you want. :)


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