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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Namez...we haz dem

Mom's name is now Lumi (Finnish for snow). 
For the babies the Shakespeare theme won the vote.
Romeo (tuxedo), 
Snug (little white one who may or may not be a girl), 
Hamlet/Hammy (bigger fluffy white one),
Mercutio/Merc (white with mohawk), 
Samson (bigger black one)
and Othello (smaller black one).

Colored collars coming soon courtesy of Tabaka!

Thanks to all who participated and for the fact that everyone was courteous and polite.  Second place were winter themed names, which we will try and use with other kittens. 

P.S. We didn't name the Ladybug Pillow Pet. How about Lady Macbug? Discuss amongst yourselves. ;)


  1. Thanks for being so patient with us KR! It was fun and the names are great. Is Lady Macbug a ... Cat-pulet ;)

  2. What time did y'all finally decide the names? I fell asleep. lol

  3. Great names if I do say so myself hehehe

  4. Awesome! Lady MacBug is nice too.

    I'm having trouble viewing the cam, Shockwave Flash is always crashing - both youtube and through this website. There's really a catspiracy going on.

    Love, Malfiore

    1. I'm having the same issue with Chrome. Had to switch to IE.


    2. I can't open cam anywhare, it's so annoying . Wonder why it can't be streemed through both Utube and ustream? Some live cams on ustream are on Wildearth also, so you can stream on two sites. I'm missing the kitty's :-(


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