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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Lil' Romeo has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Around 2 AM this morning, after hours and hours of care, medicines, and everything else that could possibly be done for the little boy kitten named Romeo, our baby passed away in my arms.  Though we will never know for sure what caused our little boy to stop eating 5 days ago, there is strong evidence that he had a birth defect.  
Romeo had a happy kittenhood, a warm place to cuddle with his fuzzy brothers, and a wonderful kitty mother in Lumi. He will be missed.


  1. Love you, Romeo... our sweet little buddy. You touched many hearts in your short time with us, and you will sure be missed.

    Thank you, KR, for taking such good care of him, and being there for him at the end.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this news. He was loved and cared for in his brief time here with us. Thank you so much for being there for this little angel.

  3. So sad to hear about this. KR, you did a great job. He will be well taken care of by Scout and Stella.

  4. Our hearts are sad and we share your loss KR. God bless you for your care, this little kitten was very lucky to have your love and devotion. You are a special person and please know how much your website friends appreciate all that you do.

  5. Bless you little Romeo! the star of our show is now a star in the sky! he is now frolicking with scout and being cared for by stella, I'm sure! Bless you too KR, for being there for these sweeties through thick and thin!

  6. This is Delaware - never lets me sign in. I'm so sorry KR. I know and we all know how hard this is on you and what a great job you do. My heart is broken for you and for me as I will miss him too. Love you little buddy - rest in peace and snuggle up to Stella and Scout. They'll look after you xxx

  7. Its always hard to lose a foster. we that do rescues and foster those rescues like to look at it this way, when you lose one its gods way of making room to rescue one more.
    keep your chin up KR


  8. Thank you KR for all you do, you make the world a little better place to be. Romeo will be greatly missed, but at least he knew love, warmth, and safety. Thank you again for being with him as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

  9. Oh little Romeo, you sure touched a lot of hearts during your short life! And KR, I think we're all grateful to you for sitting with him during those last hours. These last couple of days all lil' Romeo wanted to do was to cuddle close to someone, and I'm sure that's what you gave him: a loving place to snuggle into.

    Romeo baby, we'll never forget you (and your sweet little mittens!). *kisses*

  10. KR i am so glad that you decided last minute to take on lumi and her babys, if not for you we may have lost all of them. scout needed a kitten to play with and he has got the sweetest cutest little guy to run after and be chased by. we were all there with you in those last hours with our arms around both you and romeo.

    RIP Romeo my wee man. KR will look after you mum and brothers till you see them again. i love and miss you allready (((huggles)))

    1. i would like to add stella into my message to, cant forget who is careing for romeo over rainbow bridge now.........leanne xx

  11. In all this I forgot about Lumi - I'm sorry Lumi - you're a great mom and Romeo is tackling and jumping and running in a better place. xxx Delaware

  12. Romeo, oh Romeo, where fore art thou Romeo. In the heavens looking down or playing with all the other wonderful kitties up there. You will be missed on this earth even though you were only here for such a short time. I feel blessed to have been able to watch you every day, almost as good as having you in my lap. Rest in Peace and know that you were loved. P.S. Say "Hi" to my little foster kitten BOOBOO!!!!!

  13. so sorry for your loss. he had a great life with you even for a short time. he was loved.

  14. My little Romeo, your white socks I will miss .... I had noticed you immediately when I looked at the cam for the first time. I do not know why... Because you were so cute, so adorable ... But I could see these days that you were not going well, curled up on yourself, apathetic, unable to suckle your mom because your brothers stronger. I am so sad that you're gone, despite the efforts of your protectors. We wanted so much that you live ...


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