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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sorry viewers!  There was a temporary suspension of the kitten cam.  My computer which had been having trouble in those final weeks finally crashed from a virus, then I had to convert the kitten room into a room for human rescues!  I was going to house a woman fleeing from an abusive boyfriend situation, though that ended up falling through (looong story there).  My house is currently up for sale so I had to end the kitten cam in Delray, but don't despair...we are going to set up the kitten cam at another location, with a foster that has even more kitties in their own structure, in the next couple of weeks. That foster does even more to rescue cats than I ever did, and its in a separate structure at a business where there will be an IT staff to keep it up and running better than I could.

Update on Momma!!  Momma got a farm to roam in! Just in the nick of time, when I needed to free up the room for the human rescue, a woman came through who had a farm in Loxahatchee where Momma could roam and hunt, but would still get fed regularly.  My friend Briana and I drove her up there, and we put her in a crate at first so that she could get acclimated to the place before getting released.  There are horses and chickens, and a lot of land for her to roam.  Hopefully she stays on the farm and doesn't run away.  She had a few opportunities to run away when she was at my house but did not take them, so I have hope.

Momma meeting her new caretaker

Briana, Momma's babies original rescuer

Me, so happy to not have to care for Momma anymore!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

4 Very Different Girls Remain

Vinnie, our only boy, goes to a new home Friday, but the girls are still available.  Remember, they look a lot bigger on camera than they actually are.  Scale is very skewed in that little screen.

An overview: Spunky Siamese mix, all black Vera, devoted black Manx kittenVixen, the elegant gray ticked tabbyVictoria, and the melt-your-heart-adorable tortieViola are all available.  Put in your application, and come see them at Petco in Boynton on Sunday.
Also for adoption on Sunday, Tina and Gemma!! They are still so cute, so sweet, but not any closer to liking other cats.  Gemma chases my cat, Angel around, but she is pretty good with the dogs.  She lets them be, or if Chug the dog gets to close, she has batted him in the head without her claws.  I think he thought she was petting him, as he didn't really mind.  Those two, especially the lovely Gemma, follow me around the house.  She is a wonderful companion. 

And as always, Lucy the lap cat, a one year old all black sweety with a bad eye that doesn't bother her, but just looks funny.  She takes 24 hours to get used to any cat friendly dog.  Just 24 hours.  Its amazing. She's a bit of a diva at first with other cats, but accepts them once they play with her.  She's a ninja cuddler.  Before you realize it, she is in your lap, you are spooning her, or she has intertwined her body between your legs, arms, shoulders, head, etc, and is sleeping soundly.
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