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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sorry viewers!  There was a temporary suspension of the kitten cam.  My computer which had been having trouble in those final weeks finally crashed from a virus, then I had to convert the kitten room into a room for human rescues!  I was going to house a woman fleeing from an abusive boyfriend situation, though that ended up falling through (looong story there).  My house is currently up for sale so I had to end the kitten cam in Delray, but don't despair...we are going to set up the kitten cam at another location, with a foster that has even more kitties in their own structure, in the next couple of weeks. That foster does even more to rescue cats than I ever did, and its in a separate structure at a business where there will be an IT staff to keep it up and running better than I could.

Update on Momma!!  Momma got a farm to roam in! Just in the nick of time, when I needed to free up the room for the human rescue, a woman came through who had a farm in Loxahatchee where Momma could roam and hunt, but would still get fed regularly.  My friend Briana and I drove her up there, and we put her in a crate at first so that she could get acclimated to the place before getting released.  There are horses and chickens, and a lot of land for her to roam.  Hopefully she stays on the farm and doesn't run away.  She had a few opportunities to run away when she was at my house but did not take them, so I have hope.

Momma meeting her new caretaker

Briana, Momma's babies original rescuer

Me, so happy to not have to care for Momma anymore!

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