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Friday, August 30, 2013

Official Pirate Ship Crew Record

Take the Pirate Quiz to get yer pirate name and post in the comments so we can be addin it to the official record. ARRRR:

 Official Pirate Ship Crew Record

Pirate Kittens

Treasure Female - Torbie with Gold on her back and left leg
Charlotte de Berry Female - Dark Tabby
Anne Bonney Female - Dark Tabby with more stripes on her sides
Grace O'Malley Female - Light Tabby, smallest with a lot of stripes
Flint Male - White with Dark Orange patches
Kidd Male - White with Lighter Orange patches
Admiral Amber Pirate Mom 
SeaSaltGirl Foster Mom

Bonney Kin

Cap’n Bess Bonney Kitscatmom
Calico Jenny Bonney COcataholic
Dread Pirate Bonney Leanne
Iron Tab Bonney Tabaka
Mad  James Bonney ChuckAmuck

Cash Kin

Cap’n Bess Cash Baldrick66
Iron Mary Cash Tyojemom
Cap’n Charity Cash Kaelil
Mad Anne Cash Tovalea

Flint Kin

Bloody Margaret Flint Delaware
Cap’n Anne Flint Malfiore
Cap’n Bloody Prudentilla Flint aka Bloody KR Flint Kitten Rescues
Mad Chug Flint Chug
Dread Pirate Flint PAcatgal
Mad Ethel Flint Jeannie1941
Purdencilla Flint Noorita
Rummy Rue Flint Rue

Kidd Kin

Black Anne Kidd Oddevie
Bloody Bess Kidd LisaGinCo
Dirty Davy Kidd Yellrank
Dirty Mary Kidd LittleDarling2010
Dirty Prudentilla Kidd Barn_cat
Dread Pirate Kidd Wavy11
Iron Bess Kidd Mewingbird
Mad Anne Kidd Raesive
Mad Dog Kidd Skit2nd
Mad Tom Jack Kidd Mr_E_Kat

Rackham Kin

Rackham Le Rouge Snaileater
Dirty Bess Rackham Calicats
Calico Morgan Rackham Angelface27
Dirty Charity Rackham Pandastomper
Dirty James Rackham Raymond2054
Dirty Jenny Rackham Bagpipes5K
Dirty Margaret Rackham Smiley1205
Dirty Mary Rackham TTM
Dirty Tom Rackham MNTodd2
Dread Pirate Rackham JoolsUK
Mad Bess Rackham Eaglewalk
Mad Dog Rackham Tinalou701
Iron Jenny Rackham SmokeyLovedMe
Red Mary Rackham Sharcanada

Read Kin 

Dread Pirate Read Carso14

Roberts Kin

Black Ethel Roberts Cheshireb1
Dirty Mary Roberts Floridajourneygirl

Pirate Kittens Set Sail for The Internet

Monday, August 26, Cap'n Amber and her crew went above decks for the ocean air and to mind their duties on board their own pirate ship.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Arrrg. It be almost finished

It needs a deck to swab, and some finishing touches. Sets sail Monday night!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Milo Update: Off Insulin!

Milo is off of insulin!!  His check up today went really well and Dr. Ciucci said I could stop his twice daily injections and keep him on his specialized diet.  He will go in next week for a check to make sure he is staying in the blood/glucose range he should be and if he is then he stays off :) He will continue to be monitored for a couple of months to make sure his levels don't get too high again.  Good news for Milo, he is an awesome kitty and you can really see in his eyes that he is feeling well :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amber the Pirate Queen

The foster mom of the new kitten litter to be on the kitten cam (by the weekend I think), wrote to the KittenRescues blog to describe her beautiful new momma.

I found this beautiful kitten crying in my front yard in the penta flowers near our mailbox on July 14th, 2013. I called her and she came right up to me.  I figured she belonged to someone in the neighborhood and sent over 80 emails to our neighborhood association.  Not one neighbor had ever seen this kitten before. I notified PBC animal control and never heard from anyone.  Many in our neighborhood believe someone "dumped" her in our neighborhood.
I have been calling this precious kitten Amber.  When I took her to the vet I was relieved that she tested negative for FIV/FeLV.  I was also very surprised to find out she was pregnant, since she was only a kitten herself.  The vet guestimated that she was about 7 or 8 months old.  The vet also recommended that I spay her in the next week which would abort all her kittens.  I didn't feel comfortable doing that and am so happy I chose not to.
Amber gave birth to six kittens on the morning of August 11, 2013.  She did such an amazing job with the delivery of her six babies.  Although Amber only weighs 6 lbs herself, she had no trouble with the labor and delivery.  She was very efficient and had all six kittens out in an hour and a half. 
Amber is a very sweet, gentle, and laid back kitten, not to mention how gorgeous she is. She is affectionate and enjoys being around people. She is such a loving mommy to her babies, even though she is only a kitten herself. I am so in love with her and I feel so blessed to have found such an amazing girl. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Arrrrrr. Thar Be Six New Pirate Kittens

All ye lubbers be warned, six new pirates are about to sail the seven seas. They will gain their sea legs soon and board their ship to bring havoc, cuteness, and raid the hearts of ustream viewers near and on distant shores.
Better quality pics are coming, but here's a preview to strike fear in your hearts.
~ Captain KR

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Inara Adopted!

Our sweet #SpaceKitten lit up like a Firefly when she met her new mom at Petco. Inara strutted her stuff, showed that she would be a great companion, and boarded a new ship to a home planet with a slightly older kitty brother who looks like Stormy.

Mom will hopefully keep the kitten cam chat crew posted on her progress. Congrats pretty baby!

Don't forget to watch the remaining Space Kittens on ustream!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Milo's Monday Update

Update from Milo, copied from Facebook:

Hello everyone  It's Milo here, I had a really good last couple of weeks and everyone seems pretty hopeful that I'm finally on the right track to being healthy! It's been a long 3 months and I'm not there yet......BUT from where my journey began (starved to 5.6lbs and near death) to now (just over 9lbs and responding to insulin injections) I'm doing well  I want to send big Milo hugs to Rocco (, hang in there buddy I know how you feel and I know you are in good hands!!! As always I can always use your support and donations to keep me on the right food and for my medications. Sponsor Me Here.  . Thank you all so much, until next time,
Whiskers and Purrs,



(as written by Communications Officer  Skwitty)
Star Date 7-22-2014

 It’s been some time since our last posting, and our rigorous training at space camp is almost complete.We have mastered the ‘mad dance’ moves of Kitty Disco.
We conquered the Battle of the Ringworm.  Not as fierce as the battle for the “Ring”  and just a little more irritating than the “Ringo” battles experienced by our ground crew.
Our base camp expanded from the mesh dome to a much larger facility.  We believe the mesh dome was a test of our ability to locate escape routes (thanks, Zoe).
Over the last couple of weeks, all of us have been to the medic for what we’ve heard referred to as “the procedure” or “snips”.  Not entirely unpleasant, but it seems something(s) missing.Thank you to the pharmaceutical team, very mellow.
Today we are missing our sister, but we did get to meet her new crew.  It seems our lunar trips served us well as she was actually 30,000’ above the planet on her journey home.
We think we’ll all be getting relocation orders – some of us may get to travel together, others may go off on our own.
We know we’ll be thriving little kit-dets wherever we end up in this great galaxy.  Our training with the commander they call KR and her First Officer KS equipped us well.
Scotty got quite attached to KS – he didn’t learn that we aren’t supposed to be so demonstrative in our affection for the bi-peds

Soon we’ll say good-bye to base camp, the training facilities and our space toys – and to you, dear readers.If you’ve smiled and laughed, good.  But we’re cats.  So we don’t really care :-)   Until we meet again.

The next momma

Picture of the Pirate Kitten's momma.  She is likely to give birth soon so keep checking back for updates

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