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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Arrrg. It be almost finished

It needs a deck to swab, and some finishing touches. Sets sail Monday night!


  1. Arr, KR! Me had no idea ye be such a talented lass. Can't wait t'say "hoist the colors" on Monday night.

  2. Great job KR, absolutely amazing!

  3. She's a beaut, Cap'n - a fine seaworthy vessel destined for many adventures! (skit)

  4. Wow, It's great! Good work, KR! Well done!!!

  5. That's so awesome KR. It looks great you are so skilled mama Amber loves it.

  6. Kr, I think your masterpiece (the ship) should have a name. Wouldn't be right for the kittens to be sailing the 7 seas in a nameless ship. Arr! -Mew


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