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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wookiee meets a Wookiee

Say the adoption event.


  1. Awesome photo! :D
    Have Wookie been adopted? What's about sweet Buzz, Scotty, Gaia?

  2. Wookiee the Warrior Princess! You are my favourite, brave and beautiful girl! I wish you get a good home!


    Dima, you can still watch the Space Kittens here:

    1. Thank u, leelia! YEahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! But how did u know about that? ;)

  3. Dima, people in the chat told me about it :). We keep both windows open, so we can see the pirates and also the Space Kittens :)


  4. Aweee I miss them already they grow up just too fast I still rememeber when mama Gaia first came on the cam with the other kittens and ohhh just little newborns space kittens laying with mama and getting out of their bed trying to walk around Gaia had to pick up her babies and carry her little ones back to bed. I've watched all the space kittens grow up so fast. I hope you all find great furever homes <3 KR did a great job over the past months taking great loving care you little babies..... I'll miss watching you


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