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Tuesday, August 6, 2013



(as written by Communications Officer  Skwitty)
Star Date 7-22-2014

 It’s been some time since our last posting, and our rigorous training at space camp is almost complete.We have mastered the ‘mad dance’ moves of Kitty Disco.
We conquered the Battle of the Ringworm.  Not as fierce as the battle for the “Ring”  and just a little more irritating than the “Ringo” battles experienced by our ground crew.
Our base camp expanded from the mesh dome to a much larger facility.  We believe the mesh dome was a test of our ability to locate escape routes (thanks, Zoe).
Over the last couple of weeks, all of us have been to the medic for what we’ve heard referred to as “the procedure” or “snips”.  Not entirely unpleasant, but it seems something(s) missing.Thank you to the pharmaceutical team, very mellow.
Today we are missing our sister, but we did get to meet her new crew.  It seems our lunar trips served us well as she was actually 30,000’ above the planet on her journey home.
We think we’ll all be getting relocation orders – some of us may get to travel together, others may go off on our own.
We know we’ll be thriving little kit-dets wherever we end up in this great galaxy.  Our training with the commander they call KR and her First Officer KS equipped us well.
Scotty got quite attached to KS – he didn’t learn that we aren’t supposed to be so demonstrative in our affection for the bi-peds

Soon we’ll say good-bye to base camp, the training facilities and our space toys – and to you, dear readers.If you’ve smiled and laughed, good.  But we’re cats.  So we don’t really care :-)   Until we meet again.


  1. Thank u for all! Have space kittens been adopted? We are waiting photos. GL. ;)

  2. Aw very sweet! <3


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