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Friday, August 30, 2013

Official Pirate Ship Crew Record

Take the Pirate Quiz to get yer pirate name and post in the comments so we can be addin it to the official record. ARRRR:

 Official Pirate Ship Crew Record

Pirate Kittens

Treasure Female - Torbie with Gold on her back and left leg
Charlotte de Berry Female - Dark Tabby
Anne Bonney Female - Dark Tabby with more stripes on her sides
Grace O'Malley Female - Light Tabby, smallest with a lot of stripes
Flint Male - White with Dark Orange patches
Kidd Male - White with Lighter Orange patches
Admiral Amber Pirate Mom 
SeaSaltGirl Foster Mom

Bonney Kin

Cap’n Bess Bonney Kitscatmom
Calico Jenny Bonney COcataholic
Dread Pirate Bonney Leanne
Iron Tab Bonney Tabaka
Mad  James Bonney ChuckAmuck

Cash Kin

Cap’n Bess Cash Baldrick66
Iron Mary Cash Tyojemom
Cap’n Charity Cash Kaelil
Mad Anne Cash Tovalea

Flint Kin

Bloody Margaret Flint Delaware
Cap’n Anne Flint Malfiore
Cap’n Bloody Prudentilla Flint aka Bloody KR Flint Kitten Rescues
Mad Chug Flint Chug
Dread Pirate Flint PAcatgal
Mad Ethel Flint Jeannie1941
Purdencilla Flint Noorita
Rummy Rue Flint Rue

Kidd Kin

Black Anne Kidd Oddevie
Bloody Bess Kidd LisaGinCo
Dirty Davy Kidd Yellrank
Dirty Mary Kidd LittleDarling2010
Dirty Prudentilla Kidd Barn_cat
Dread Pirate Kidd Wavy11
Iron Bess Kidd Mewingbird
Mad Anne Kidd Raesive
Mad Dog Kidd Skit2nd
Mad Tom Jack Kidd Mr_E_Kat

Rackham Kin

Rackham Le Rouge Snaileater
Dirty Bess Rackham Calicats
Calico Morgan Rackham Angelface27
Dirty Charity Rackham Pandastomper
Dirty James Rackham Raymond2054
Dirty Jenny Rackham Bagpipes5K
Dirty Margaret Rackham Smiley1205
Dirty Mary Rackham TTM
Dirty Tom Rackham MNTodd2
Dread Pirate Rackham JoolsUK
Mad Bess Rackham Eaglewalk
Mad Dog Rackham Tinalou701
Iron Jenny Rackham SmokeyLovedMe
Red Mary Rackham Sharcanada

Read Kin 

Dread Pirate Read Carso14

Roberts Kin

Black Ethel Roberts Cheshireb1
Dirty Mary Roberts Floridajourneygirl


  1. Holy mackerel that was quite a list to put together. Nice work Matey! Love Chug and Rue have the best pirate names too lol. KR has done an amazing job with the set and Seasalt and Amber are doing an amazing job with the kitten crew. Thank you for all your hard work <3

    xx Arrrrr
    Bloody Margaret Flint (Delaware)

  2. A wonderful job ye did thar, Dread Pirate Kidd, and thank ye to Cap'n Bloody Prudentilla Flint for posting this up, for the sake of our sanity.

  3. Great job Wavy for tracking down everyone and being our official ship recorder. This is a terrific scene-KR did an outstanding job building the ship from scratch. Thanks for a great job to our new
    foster mom-Seasaltgirl and family for taking such loving care of our Pirate Mom and 6 pirate kittens. We have an outstanding crew!!

  4. Why i don´t have a name *cries*...


  5. Why i don´t have a name *cries*...


    1. lol hi Leelia - did you take the pirate name quiz? When you see PA on the chat - ask her to direct you to the quiz and your new name. Aaaaarrrr

      xo Delaware

  6. Rackham le rouge, évidemment ! ;-)


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