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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ginger's Adorable Babies

Ginger's Babies
Ginger and her three babies were picked up by KR in July from animal control and taken to a new foster found by our friend at Good Karma Rescue.  Ginger had an abscessed, festering wound on her belly that appeared to be an animal bite.  She had a fever, but she hung in there, was seen promptly Dr. Kristy Lund of Lund Animal Hospital who treated and cleaned the wound.  Ginger required follow-up vet care to help the wound drain, but she pulled through and recovered quickly, all the while refusing to let it keep her from nursing her babies.  Ginger and these three gorgeous kittens (pictured) are almost ready for adoption through A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue.

Rufus and Zelda's tent

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Phelps :) (kittykatFL's foster)

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Pink and Posh my "newest" fosters (kittykatFL)

Pink and Posh were running out of time.  They had only hours before they're chance at a happy life would be forever cut short at animal control.   Incredibly cute, but too young for adoption and no other rescue group had stepped up, a plea went out to save them.  KittyKatFL volunteered to be their foster, so KR picked them up for rescue.

Pink And Posh waiting to be saved at Animal Control

Pink And Posh in the tent at KittyKatFL's Home 

This was taken the day KittyKatFL picked up them up, dirty and scared from a shelter (kittykatFL's fosters)

Posey, Poppy, Pip and Primrose (kittykatFL's fosters)

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Even with an eye infection, Zelda is adorable

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The one and only Rufus

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