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Monday, November 5, 2012

Lisa's Finishing School for Wayward Calicos

Update on Daisy!
As many may know, Daisy was too much spunk for her adopter so he traded for Rainbow, who is lovely and calm.  To get Daisy exposed to many different animals and learn some house manners, she was sent with Lisa along with a sweet kitty named Maddy (who needed no training). 

On Monday morning Lisa told us:  "Both kitties are doing fine. Not liking each other too much yet, but they are now both voluntarily free roaming my house with all the dogs. Daisy walks around growling and hissing at everyone but when I went into my room earlier, there were four dogs in there with me and she came right in too. I will not leave them free when I am not home but they seem to be making themselves right at home. I set the kitty tent up on the dining room table. This way they are around the dogs but above them to feel safer. However, neither of them appear too inclined to stay in the tent. "

1 comment:

  1. This is too funny, but thank you lisa for your care and devotion to helping Daisy so that she can be adopted into a loving home. Bless you all who give their time to these precious little animals. You may not have your reward on earth, but when you enter into heaven, you will be greeted by St. Francis I am sure.


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