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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rainbow (Reny) Update

from KittenRescues
Update from the new daddy of Rainbow (Reny). He originally took Daisy, but Daisy was too energetic for his three legged kitty, Saffy, but HearMeRoarKittens and I both knew Rainbow (Reny) was a better match and urged him to give her a try. This is the email he sent yesterday.

"This was so good I wanted to share it. After Reny's clean bill of health at Dr. Lund's today. I came home, and for the past days since I brought Reny home they have been playing paws under the door, and peek a boo. I walked by the bedroom door at 4:30 and Reny had her paw under the door, my tripod calico was laying in front of the door. So I opened the door all the way, they sat there staring at each other. I walked in the room and my tripod cat followed me in. They were face to face. They got closer to each other bumped their noses together, and at the same time in unison they both fell on their side and just stared at each other. That was their socializing ritual. They never hissed, growled, nothing but a nose bump! An hour later they were both laying next to each other on my bed napping away. At 8:00 I said are my girls hungry? They came around the kitchen corner together and sat next to each other eating their wet food. After eating one went to the litter box and after doing her business the other one sat and waited for me to scoop it out, and then got in the box and did her business. Now they are playing swat the fish back and forth across the living room floor while I type this. Mission a success. Normalcy, and sanity has returned to my home. I could not be happier."


  1. I am so happy for rainbow and her new home. Thankful it all worked out. She is such a good kitty and deserves a loving home. Thank you for the update as we have been thinking about her. WTG Rainbow!

  2. That's fantastic news! Yay for Reny (Rainbow)!

  3. Wonderful news, much love to Reny and Saffy. We all know from watching the cam how sweet Reny (Rainbow) is and this sounds like a wonderful home, a new friend and a great new dad for her. Best wishes to all.

  4. This news warms my heart and brings happy tears for Rainbow and Saffy! I love a happy beginning!

  5. YAY! So happy to read this great news. Reny (Rainbow) is such a good kitty, and so loving to other kitties, as we all know from the kitten cam. So please to know she has a loving furever home. Thanks, KittenRescues!

  6. reading this- such great news! I'm so glad she found her forever home and that she's happy! I'm happy now too!


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