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Friday, May 20, 2011

Toilet training: Day 1

My CitiKitty toilet training seat came yesterday. I bought it while watching the company owner on the ABC show, Shark Tank, a week ago. That show is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows because it promotes smart people and smart business and the products are usually pretty brilliant. I'm determined to teach my own cat, Angel, and my one-eyed foster kitty, Lucy, to use the toilet, thus making cat ownership easier. I'm somewhat allergic to cats, and pretty allergic to cat litter, so this whole fostering thing isn't exactly something I'm genetically predisposed to do.

Toilet training will help me, and most of all I think it will help Lucy get a home. She's a very sweet 10 month old cat, one that would have gotten adopted like her extremely outgoing siblings. I was there when Luke, Louie and Lea were adopted. Their personalities quickly won over anyone who gave them a chance as they were 11's on a 1-10 scale of friendliness. Lucy is the same way, but she had a very bad eye infection when she was young and it left her left eye scarred. She can still see out of it and probably doesn't even realize anything is different about her, but she isn't as attractive as other cats so its hard finding her a home. A toilet trained cat, though, should make up for any cosmetic shortcomings.

For step one I put the flushable litter, "The World's Best Cat Litter" in the pan, put it on the toilet, and hoping they use it. I use that litter for the kittens, too, so I didn't have to buy any special kind. Now I watch and wait, ready to praise them when they use it. I'll post updates to tell you if it works.

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