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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Introducing Bindy, Bitsy and Billy

Adoption weekend has been going well for the Pam Beach School for Autism kittens. Nelly and Nike went to a new home together (yay! I love when litter mates are adopted together!) and Neila goes to a great home tomorrow where she'll get lots of loving. Natalie, our medium long haired beauty is the last one of the first litter.

The new additions to the kitten room are three orphans rescued from the parking lot of CBS in Fort Lauderdale. They were rescued from a parking lot right before a severe thunderstorm would have surely killed them, and nursed back to health by several people, a caring person named Karen scraped together enough temporary fosters to keep them warm and bottle fed until another foster, Margee, could take them for a few weeks. Margee did an amazing job socializing these babies and now they are precious, cuddly little bundles of love who adore people. Margee's house also had dogs, so they are also dog friendly. Margee needs to get some medical care this coming week, so we did the kitten hand-off Friday night. They are about 7 weeks old so Billy, Bindy and Bitsy they should be with me now for another week or so to get a good, happy kittenhood before being split up. A good kittenhood makes for a happy cat. No one should ever adopt a kitten less than 8 weeks old unless its difficult circumstances and its the kitten's only shot at life (like at animal control).

Billy, Bindy, and Bitsy are very vocal! They didn't like the other kittens much and still growl and hiss at the momma cat, who I was hoping would nurse them a bit, but that doesn't seem like it is going to happen. I'll give it a couple more days and then get momma spayed and released. Thank you to those who donated! We have enough to spay her, and she's going on antibiotics for a possible UTI now that most of her nursing is done, but in case she adopts these guys, its worth it to leave her be a few more days. Nothing is better for a kitten than momma's milk.

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