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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zelda Out of Surgery

from Love_my_cats

Our little Zelda  has come through her procedure like a champ!  She is resting comfortably at the surgical center at the  moment and will spend the better part of the day recovering.  It has been a journey. Dr. Broadwater has been treating her with many medicines but unfortunately, the eye and the lids were so fused together, that it could not be saved.... so we did have to move forward with the removal of Zelda's left eye.  

Since the eye has been out of commission for weeks, for Zelda, it will not be much different but she will be infection free and pain free.  Once she recovers, she will lead a normal life and you can bet that she will be just as playful and active as she always is in a few weeks. Later today, we will post a picture of our little girl with periodic updates on her recovery.

We are still working on figuring out who will be her caretaker while she recovers.  Because of the extensive nature of the surgery and the cone to protect her eye, she cannot go back into the kitten cam tent.  If she does not go back to HearMeRoarKittens' house and to another foster, we will try and post pictures and video of her progress and arrange visits to the cam if possible, if our fosters' schedules permit.

From the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of baby Zelda, THANK YOU for all of your support an donations that allowed A Second Chance to proceed with Zelda's surgery.  You are an amazing group of fans -- dedicated, and relentless about the health and upbringing of our kitten cam babies.

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