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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snips Day for Delray Cam Boys

from KittenRescues

Tad, Marlin and Gill went in for their neuters and microchips today. Tad (tuxedo) has been at his forever home since Sunday and met up with his Delray Kitten Cam buddies this morning at Riverbridge Animal Hospital. Gill and Marlin are hoping to find their furrever homes this weekend. Good luck boys! 

Gill isn't sure what is happening

Marlin is ready to explore the vet office. Fun time?
Tad. Taken on Sunday when he was going to his furever home. 
(New mom declined to be photographed. 
Obviously KR should have spent more time on her own hair)


  1. Gill... still just as heartmelting as ever!! Hang in there, buddy! It's goona be ok!! {{loves}}

  2. So happy to get an update on the Delray crew! How is everyone doing? Has everyone found furever homes (except Gill and Marlin)? How's Rue?

  3. How are they doing after their surgery??


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