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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Surgery Updates

from KittenRescues

After surgery, Zelda went to another one of our stellar foster's, a vet tech named Rose who works at Lund Animal Hospital, one of the amazing vet offices who work with us.  With Rose she can get premium nursing care for these post-op days.  She is in a plastic collar and has various medications for her eye and pain.  It is not determined yet if she can come back to Roar's house, but we will keep you updated with her status and get pictures and video very soon.

The surgeries of Gatsby, Daisy and Chance were postponed another week. Last week there was a shortage of blood tests which bumped our cat appointments a week, so this week was really jammed.  A couple of puppies really needed to get worked in so we gave the spots to them. Those puppies will get adopted this weekend and the foster will be freed up to save new puppies, while HearMeRoarKittens's home will still have Hugo and Rufus so she would not be able to take new ones in yet, so we made the call that the puppies were more urgent.  That means you all get to enjoy them one more week! 

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