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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Update: Merc and Charlie... Day 1

These pics came the day after Merc's adoption but the blog did not receive them until today.  I'm sure we will see more soon.  These are Merc and Charlie checking each other out.


  1. Charlie looks so big next to Merc. What a great place to play. They will be good brothers

  2. My honey, Merc. I wanted to adopt him so bad. Oh well. I know he's happy with his new family. Thanks for the update!

  3. Merc! Small kitten, big spirit.

    We miss you and hope you are finding objects to contemplate and things to chew on every day. Good luck with Charlie, he's a big guy, a big pillow.

  4. Hello, nice to see that Merc has a cute brother ;)
    Thank you for the pics!

    leelia99 from Finland

  5. Our little kitten cam Merc. So glad to see your sweet face again. Hope things are going well with your new family. tina

  6. Oh, our lovely Mercutio ! I hope that Charlie will be a great pillow for him, Merc needs it ! Charlie looks so curious and playful, and Merc a bit craintive. Happy to see him again !


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