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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mooch and Earl Sent KR a Card

Mooch and Earl are so sweet to think of me. They sent me a sweet e-card and I wanted to share it.  Click the link below and it will open another window/tab to the animated flash card.

  A card from Mooch and Earl


  1. What an absolutely thoughtful and wonderful card. It warms my heart knowing Mooch and Earl's new mom is spectacular like KR. Tova G

  2. What an amazing lady to send such a lovely message. It made me cry!!! These little kittens were so lucky to have two wonderful women save their lives. You are wonderful KR for all that you do for the kitties. Thank you for for sharing Lumi's journey with us. "Papoofnick"

  3. That was so nice and very thoughtful! Love that Mooch and Earl are keeping in touch. We miss them but its a little easier knowing they have such a happy and loving family. ;)

    Smooch to the boys from Delaware xx

  4. What a wonderful and special way to thank you KR for all of your love and care. Mooch and Earl are certainly lucky to have found such a loving home!

    Donna (dew265)

  5. That was so lovely made my get all teary eyed to the kittens and the new mommy also KR for doing a amazing job xxx


  6. How sweet. Now they can use the computer!!

  7. Hi, Mooch and Earl and your new family!
    Of course BLACK cats are so wise that they can use a computer easily:)))
    (I have always known that they are the wisest and sweetest cats)

    With hugs from Finland
    leelia99 (Arja - sounds like Arya)


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