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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Updates on: Mooch(Samson) & Earl (Othello)

Hi KR,
Hope you and yours are well.  The kittens are doing very well. Their ears are clearing up. They saw our Veterinarian(s) on Mon. Feb 4, 2013. She gave them a clean bill of health. Stool samples were negative/normal.
Eating very well. They eat Lifes Abundance (
Our other 4 kitties treat them cautiously well. 
Lee and I just love them dearly.
We got them a brand new Cat Tree (we 2 others in our home) They have lots of kitten safe toys.
Including 3 new photos:  1. is Mooch and new older brother Tokimitsu (grey striped)  2. Mooch and Earl eating with Tokimitsu
3. Earl takes a drink of water.
Will send more later.
Laura& Lee, Earl, Mooch, Yardlee, Hobbes,Tokimitsu,Bear (Bear is the same color as Earl/Mooch except he has a white star on his neck and white markings on his back feet)
Sat. February 9, 2013 8:28am   Time to give 2nd feeding of the day to Kitties.


  1. great to have news about the boys, glad there setteling in well. leannexs

  2. Thanks for the updates! We look forward to those in the cat chat room. So happy they are fitting in and you are loving them so much. Keep sending pics. xx


  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us informed, on Mooch and Earl's progress. Your entire furball family is absolutely adorable! Tova G

  4. Wow! they've got 4 more brothers (and maybe sisters)!


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