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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Delray Kitten Cam Crew Finds New Gravity Enhancer

While the couch cushion cover is in the wash, the DKC crew managed to have some fun with the stuffing, and discovered it made for a soft bed that was big enough to hold them.  Bubbles and Gurgle are off at adoption events, trying to find a furever home.  JJ is back on break from the cages at PETCO after his sister was adopted. The rest are waiting out some sniffles, but will be ready very, very soon.


  1. Oh my... what a great pic! I want to live at your house!!!

    Baby Gill is just as sweet and cute as ever. I love you Gill!!!!!!

  2. You'd say that, until you wanted to eat, and then that same insanity that you saw at mealtimes in the tent happens again, but this time with YOUR dinner plate, not theirs. I have to either put them all back in their room, or eat in my bedroom.

  3. looks like my bed at night lol. good job KR. thanks for all your hard work!
    tag- catrescue

  4. they are all so beautiful, I don't see why they are not adopted


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