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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Canned Food Drive Continues

When we lost poor little Scout, viewers got the idea to start a canned food drive for the kitten cam cats and those other kittens in the ASC program. We are so thankful for the canned food that has arrived, especially because many of the cats and kittens in our program and many of the area shelters have or recently had upper respiratory infections. These URI's make the noses stuffy and food less interesting, so canned food is a must to entice the sick kitties to eat. We go through many cans of cat food a week, so the need is still strong. Following are some varieties of canned food we use most and need. If you would like to buy some and send them to us as a tax-deductible donation, you will again have our thanks and our kitties will have happy bellies!
Kitten Formula and Bottle Feeding Supplies
Bottle feeding is a tough job, and we go through lots of bottles, kitten milk replacer, and weaning formula. These supplies are always in demand, and we even use them on really sick cats who need the extra calories, proteins, and fats that formula provides better than most anything else.
These products are all recommended for your kitty, too, so use the above links for your own shopping, or have some sent as a donation to us! Ship packages to our vet, who has so graciously allowed us to have our packages sent to them for later pickup by our foster coordinators and then distributed to our foster homes.
    A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue
    c/o Riverbridge Animal Hospital
    6862 Forest Hill Blvd
    West Palm Beach, FL 33413
For the animals ~KR

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