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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miss Frankie's Story

Miss Frankie Sinatra was named for her pretty blue eyes.  She was rescued by a woman who was rescuing cats in her home until her house caught fire.  It was a pretty serious fire and some cats showed signs of burns, and many were quite traumatized by the event.

Here is a video captured from the local news covering the story of these cats and their rescue and care with Dr Kristy Lund of Lund Animal Hospital.

Frankie came from this home but the woman who had her did not get to socialize her much, though Frankie herself is very well socialized with cats.  Frankie seeks out the companionship of other adult cats, even when those adult cats want nothing to do with her. On Monday night, Frankie took advantage of Gemma's sleepiness and went for a nap next to her.  It would have all been well and good, but Frankie could not resist reaching out to touch Gemma as if to say "Hi. Thanks for being my friend."  Gemma was not happy about that, but tolerated it...the first time.

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