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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fender came back to us and Blondie made a friend

My very first litter of cats helping A Second Chance involved 4 orange/fawn tabby kitties and one little black orphan.  The leader of this pack was a cat named Fender, who got his name because he was found hanging from the fender of a volunteer's car, as if to say "take me home with you!!"  The volunteer looked around in the bushes and found the rest of his litter, 2 brothers and a sister, all orange-ish/fawn tabbies and so friendly. They all owed Fender for getting them saved and into loving homes. 

Fender was always the pack leader.  He was the most social, the bravest, the first to get chummy with my cat and dog of all his tabby bretheren.  But when the others all got homes immediately, Fender was left by himself.  When I had to leave him at PetSmart I was so sad and felt so bad that he would be lonely, on my next visit I brought Chug, my little dog, to come hang out with him and keep him company.  Fender ended up going home with one of the volunteers, who later fell out of favor with the organization, but we always assumed that the volunteer who was such a cat lover, would never do something so unfathomable as surrendering a cat to Animal Control.  Sure enough, today we got a call.  That person needed to move out of state and couldn't take 2 of of his 4 cats and instead of calling me or emailing me, knowing how much I cared for Fender, this person surrendered the cat.  Luckily his chip was registered to A Second Chance and today I held him in my arms welcoming him back. 

Fender is such a gentle, loving sweetheart.  He let me hold him for 20 minutes amongst the chaos of the adoption event. He seemed scared and a little in shock, but just as he was when he was a little darling at my home, he was as friendly and sweet as any cat you could meet.  To keep Blondie company, I put them both in a carrier while I cleaned out the display cage we use during events, then moved them to the big cage.   They did great together, as if they knew each other their whole lives.  We all couldn't believe how adorable it was when Blondie cuddled up with him like a big pillow.  This picture was taken less than an hour after them meeting for the very first time.  Not a single hiss or sign of displeasure uttered by either kitty.  I put a couple of the new kids in their too, and still, Fender was as sweet with three little ones as if he was their own daddy (though Fender is only one year old, he would have been a pretty young father).

I hope Fender gets a home asap.  Such a pretty cat with such a sweet disposition shouldn't have trouble being adopted, but I'll pull out all the stops to make sure he gets a good home soon. Fender is currently at Boynton Beach Petco if you would like to visit him.

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