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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Momma dog gives birth

We thought we had another month, but little Parson Russell Terrier mom gave birth today to three healthy and one very preemie stillborn. Mom is very proud. Chug would love puppies but mom attacks him on sight. However, Gaia, Rue and Eponine were welcome to observe. Gaia considered stealing a puppy, and after a short growl exchange, Gaia moved away.

UPDATE: at 6:45, nearly 12 hours after labor began, the momma dog popped out 3 more puppies.  Sadly the first of the three was stillborn, but the other two are healthy and strong.  

Mom and babies have been moved to a tent of their own, with view obstructed so Mom won't get stressed out by the other animals.  This also lets Chug roam free of the crate he had to stay in all day because mom attacks him on sight, but now that he has his freedom, he's still too afraid to come out of the crate.

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  1. God love her and her babies. RIP little ones that didnt make it. So glad you were with her KR. My two names are Whisper and Woofus <3 leanne xx

  2. Names for Jack Russel Terrier and Puppies:

    MoM- Wildfire

    Puppies: Boys- Wonka, Wagtails, Wiley, Wizzy

    Girls- Whisper, Willow

  3. Also Female puppy name: Windsong

  4. more W names to chose from : Whittey Woofy Willy Windy Windell Winnie Windsor Wyatt Winkie Welton Winslow Weston

  5. Wildrose for the girl. She can be like mom (Wildfire)

  6. Additional name choices Windy Wanda Wilma Wendy Willa, Wendall, Wall-E Weezy Willard or Willy Wilsome Warren

  7. Wilamina, wyatt, whiskey, woody, wednesday, wade, waffle, willis, wonder. Xx lea

  8. Congrats to beautiful Momma on her new babies!

  9. How precious, Gaia wants to help.

  10. Some name suggestions: Wesley, Wishes, Wooly, Wisteria, Wynn, Winter, Whopper, Wrinkle, Walt (or Walter), Wagner, Waldo (So if you do lose Waldo, you could play, "Where's Waldo?"), Walker, Wallace, Warrick, Wylie


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