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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Space Kittens Land On The Moon

It was all systems go for touch down on the lunar surface.  Our intrepid explorers, 7 fuzzy babies and Commander Mom, are getting used to the altered gravity and exploring their surroundings.


  1. It's amazing! Thank's you, KR, for all! :)

  2. AWESOME! (LisaGinCo)

  3. Let's all raise a glass of TANG for a successful lunar landing. Cheers to our Supreme Commander KR, Commander Mom and the brave little catstronauts in training. Enjoy your week on the moon, kids. Love you all - skit.

  4. amazing as always KR. (leanne)

  5. Genious! Great work KR. Thanks for your care to our little catstronauts. ~~ Tina

  6. Love it. Nice work! One small step for KR and one giant leap for Kitten rescuing <3 Thank you xx

    Delaware <3


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