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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cam Star Updates: Merlyn (Maya) and Miss Hugo (Wink)

We adopted Merlyn a month ago and renamed her Maya. She is an amazing animal. She adapted very well and took over the whole house. Her favorite new toy is her older brother's tail and her favorite place to sleep is on my pillow.
Maya is fearless...she is the bravest little kitten I have ever seen. We had to kitty proof the house because she was trying to take big jumps that were too high even for our older cat. She is such a cuddler and perfect in so many ways. This kitty wants to play, cuddle, bite, attack, purr and be held all in the same time.
We loved her since the first day we brought her home.


I thought I would share some pictures of Wink (formerly Miss Hugo). She is doing very well and we could not imagine life without her.


  1. Oh this is awesome! Thank you for the updates. Nice to see them so happy and loved. Miss them <3 (Del xx)

  2. Wow! That's a great news! Merlin looks so happy and grown!!! :))) TY KR for the informations!!! We all want to know the news about cute Lance and shy Arthur. Maybe can u contact new Lance's family , make some photos and tell us how are sweet babies doing? It will be nice! :)

  3. Thank you for the updates. They are growing into the beautiful young cats we knew they would be. How gorgeous they are. Thank you for giving them such loving homes and opening up your hearts. A Second chance is truly a wonderful group to adopt from. Please continue your updates and xoxoxo to our kitten cam stars. Luv them! ~~ tina

  4. We so appreciate the updates of our little sweethearts - great pics and stories. Wink's markings are just beautiful and little Maya sounds like she is a handful - a sweetheart, but a handful. Love to them and to their new families. xoxo Skit

  5. thanks so much for the updates, its always good to know how the kittys we fall in love with are doing in their new homes. winks has turned into a beautiful cat and oh my lord you have your hand full with maya but we always knew that .lol

  6. Thank you for the pix and updates - Merlyn/Maya looks as happy as can be! Wink looks pretty comfy, too. (LisaGinCo)

  7. She will be Merlyn for me... She's lovely cute !


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