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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Momma Mila to the Rescue

It has been a rough day for one of our foster moms, who has the Maine Coon momma from Louisianna who recently gave birth to 4 kittens. Yesterday 2 came down with intestinal infections and passed away, and another one is struggling.  The mother cat is young and inexperienced, and hadn't been tending to her cleaning duties very well.  Like other young moms, she just does not know what she is supposed to do.

Since it was clear the momma cat was not very effective, the foster mom brought home the momma she had previously, Mila. Mila instantly went to work cleaning the kittens while the other mom nurses them. Then Mila started bathing the momma, too!

We are hoping for the best for the remaining two, but understand that fading kitten syndrome is quite common in young mothers, who often pass viruses and ailments to their kittens that older cats with stronger immune systems do not carry.

Update:  We are down to just one kitten from four, but Mila (right) is not leaving the side of the other mommy and the baby. These two mommies seem happy to help each other and keep each other company. A ginger alliance to keep the remaining baby warm, fed, and well cleaned.


  1. Oh it's very sad news ! This young mama is stil a kitten ?

  2. OMG that last picture is so precious. Wish the best of all of them.

  3. God Bless you Mila for helping out. You can see from the last picture that the Momma cat is so thankful for the help. Our prayers are with this new mommy and her kitten.

  4. so sad about the babies passing, yet so beautiful that another mama is there to help the new mama

  5. I hope the last kitten survives. What a touching story and pictures to go along with it. The momma looks like a kitten herself. What a shame that she wasn't taken care of by her owner and spayed.

  6. How did the last kitten fare?... This is such a touching sequence of pictures!


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