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Monday, March 11, 2013

Babies after surgery

Babies all done with surgery and recovering.

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  1. haha merlyn looks like she has been sent to the naughty corner. lol (leanne)

  2. Aw Gwen and Morgan seemed to be bouncing along very well and Lancelot guarding the goods so his sisters can't clean the stripes off of him ;) Glad you did well babies, we missed you this morning! <3

    Delaware xx

  3. Glad it's over and you'll soon be home. tina

  4. What kind of surgery? Glad they're doing okay!

  5. ha - lea pea - you'd know about the naughty corner, eh? glad they are all doing well - can't wait to see them back at camelot (skit)

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  7. This is such a cute shot... The ladies all look very alert, and the boys look like they are in shock! ;)


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