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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day With the Pirate Kittens

The Pirate Kittens set sail on the internet to plunder hearts 
What’s more adorable than a little kitten?  A boat-load of kittens.  Make that a pirate ship full of Admiral Amber and her litter of mateys  3 tabby girls named after real life female pirates Grace O’Malley, Charlotte de Berry, Anne Bonney, and one tabby/tortoishell ("tortie") girl named Treasure (sometimes hidden, often buried); and 2 orange and white boys named for the fictional and real pirate captains: Flint and Kidd.  

This wonderful fleet of kits is being nurtured by a foster family while their adventures are broadcast 24/7 at, the current location of a travelling kitten cam that started in 2011 and has combined views of over 2 million.  This litter is just one in a parade of kitten cam celebrities that have won hearts around the world – literally!  A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue (ASC) in Royal Palm Beach, FL, does an amazing job of moving cats and kits rescued as strays or from high kill shelters, through a variety of healthcare issues (including spay & neuter procedures) and finally to their 'fur'-ever families.

There are many kitten cams online that showcase loving and creative foster homes, but the ASC gang, has run the gamut of themes and sets: from "Kitten Cam-elot" with "Sir Arthur and the Knights and Ladies of the Round Bed"; The Shakespearean kittens (both complete with cardboard castles and “attacks” by a dragon (Boston Terrier/Pug mix) named Chug) and the Space Kittens and their lunar colony – including moonscape scenery, spaceship and space-themed kitten names.  Of course, each theme litter also gets to enjoy the kitten disco parties with music, spinning lights, disco balls, and a lighted dance floor.  
So if your friends are driving you crazy with ‘talk like a pirate’ jargon, check in on Admiral Amber and her 5-week old deckhands.  But fair warning - they be stealin’ your heart.  Arrrrr!!!!

A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue:
Kitten Cam Blog:

A quick retrospecive of our current and recent litters.  Many videos available, including the links to the ones below.

The Pirate Kittens
Sample video: Kittens Get a new rowboat:

The Space Kittens Litter (Ustream)
Space Kitten Disco #2:

The first Space Kitten Disco
Kitten Cam-elot (aka Sir Arthur and the Knights of the Round Bed)

The Shakespeare Kittens (Broadcast on You Tube on The Pet Collective channel)
"Disco Kitties"
Adventure at Kitty Castle (special appearance by Chug the Dragon Bugg)

The Literary Kittens:
Many videos available.
Just being cute:

Gatsby and Daisy playing with the oatmeal tunnel

Finding Nemo (recorded on the original channel, The Delray Kitten Cam):
Introducing The New Cast:

More info on the pirate kittens is available by contact A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue

1 comment:

  1. "Dragon" Chug <3 I miss you! I hope to see you again someday...



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