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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainbow and Her Colorful Kittens

In March someone dumped a beautiful calico tabby mother and her 7 tiny newborn kittens on the front porch of Angela, someone who does a lot of cat rescues.  Rainbow is beautiful, sweet as honey, and very young, but a wonderful mother.
The kittens and mom were fostered by foster mom Kathleen.  Two more babies, Jade and JJ, were orphans and needed a mother, and Rainbow happily accepted them, though 9 was a bit too much.  Jade and JJ went to another foster and Rainbow raised her 7.  The babies contracted a really nasty variety of coccidia, a common parasite found in the soil which most adult cats, dogs, horses, etc, generally fight off without issue, but for kittens, it can range from slighlty runny poop to deadly.  Sadly, for two of the kittens, it was deadly. 

When the others kittens had recovered Kathleen fell ill, so I picked up the family and brought them to my house and the cam.  The cam already had 5 kittens and a mother named Jessica.  Two of the kittens on the cam, Haymitch and Cinna, were Jessica's, but the other 3: Rue, Effie and Gale, had been orphans found at a school in Delray Beach.  Often mother cats are very protective and won't allow other cats near them or their babies, but both Jessica and Rainbow were instant friends and nursed each other's kittens, as if they had been sisters. That next night, Jessica had to go help some other orphan kittens at another foster, so Rainbow plus 5 (Coconut, Colada, Kiwi, Margarita, and Mango) plus the existing 5 were left.

So far Gale, Colada, Cinna, Mango, and Margarita have been adopted.   Haymitch was born with a major birth defect in his digestive system and he passed when he was about 8 weeks old.  Coconut was adopted by a nice family who didn't know they were allergic to cats, so his sweetness came back to us.  Hoping he goes soon.  Kiwi (black) and Effie get fixed tomorrow, so they'll be ready for adoption.  Rue...well, Rue is a subject for another post.

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